Benefits Of Hiring An Offshore Software Development Team

November 22 20225 min read

More and more global startups are hiring offshore developers to turn their ideas into worthwhile projects. The owners of the companies consider this step to be economically justified and an opportunity to gain a large talent pool and experience. Therefore, it’s not surprising if you want to use such an option for a startup.

So, this article describes the reasons for hiring offshore development teams, the benefits, and where to find them.

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Why Do Organizations Switch to Outsourcing?

Given the factors and the speed at which today’s digital industry is growing, there are some reasons why business owners hire offshore developers.

A lot of time, effort, and budget go into developing unique software solutions for organizations that want to be one step ahead of their competitors. A business that cannot hire talented employees will be left with less skilled professionals who cannot perform their tasks.

Therefore, let’s look at the reasons why you need an offshore development team:

If outsourcing is the best option

You will get lower operating costs when hiring offshore developers. You will not need additional expenses (office rent, salary, insurance payments, vacation, etc.).

If there is flexibility

Sometimes it is difficult for an internal team to scale your team or change a particular technology stack to fit the size of the project. This is a common problem for startups, so flexibility is critical. Outsourcing specialists are pretty flexible and can quickly switch their attention from one task to another.

If quality is the primary concern

The quality of the code is always an essential point for a company. However, remember that the project’s success is independent of the country in which it was released. It depends on the developers who created it.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Offshore Teams?

Let’s focus on these critical advantages that you can get by hiring offshore developers:

1. Cost-effective services

The main reason why companies hire an offshore company is its cost-effective services. Hiring full-time in-house developers can be pretty expensive. Moreover, the price can double if the organization has several projects.

In addition, hiring an offshore team will save you more money, and the cost of hiring will be zero. You can decide how many people you need to work on your product.

2. Team structure

You will use the services of an entire offshore team of specialists led by a dedicated project manager who ensures everything goes smoothly. In other words, you will communicate with only one person to initiate you into all project processes. Moreover, a well-managed team with a reliable and experienced project manager = a great form of quality control.

3. Flexibility and scalability

Offshoring offers an operating structure that is essential for a startup to thrive. In this case, you will work with offshore professionals according to your product needs. In addition, you will also be able to scale the team as your project grows.

4. Short-term projects

A big plus of an offshore team is that developers can quickly start working on your project since it is already a fully assembled team with a project manager. This makes it very easy to hire specialists for a short-term project, such as 2 or 3 months.

5. Different time zones

Different time zones are among the most important points when dealing with offshore companies. Often Western countries outsource their workers from Eastern countries because the time difference is almost 10-12 hours.

For example, when an offshore company in an Eastern country begins to work, a Western company ends its working day. Thus, when a Western company starts work the next day, most of it is already done.

6. Reduce Hiring Time

The typical hiring process involves reviewing many resumes and interviews before hiring an employee. Hiring offshore developers will help you avoid this hiring hassle and save valuable time for other essential aspects of a startup.

7. Proven specialists

By hiring offshore, you will have the opportunity to contact developers who have worked on similar projects. They will help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes and increase your chances of achieving your desired success.


How Do You Find a Reliable Development Partner For Your Company?

Another critical issue is the countries where the best offshore talent is located.

  • Asia

In this case, most organizations prefer India as a country to hire a development team. In India, the rates are low. This is why many company owners seek to partner with Indian firms. But there is a big drawback - you will need more time to get the desired quality.

  • Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland have long been recognized as leading sources of offshore development. Developers from Eastern Europe have comprehensive experience and speak various programming languages. Ukrainian development engineers are well-versed in Java, JavaScript, and Python. The hourly rate of offshore teams in Eastern Europe is low.

Final Thoughts

For many years, global industries have been considering hiring an offshore company to improve their performance and use skills to accelerate the company’s growth and success.

To be one step ahead of your competitors and attract as many customers as possible, working with an offshore team can bring you the best deal in terms of service and price.

Let our TechFlower specialists help you find experienced offshore developers to expand your business and get desired benefits!