How to Improve Your IT Power With Offshore Dedicated Team

January 16 20236 min read

Software development allows companies to complete development projects while reducing overall costs. However, this is a rather complicated process that requires special skills and patience. When creating a project, it’s crucial to quickly find the talents you lack in the team.

Problems with attracting the necessary experts force companies to outsource their projects using specific methods in which hiring technicians abroad seems to be a profitable solution.

What is offshore software development?

An offshore development team is a practice of outsourcing your software development to an offshore company. In other words, you hire remote experts to work on your product.

There is no doubt that most organizations are increasingly technology-driven in order to maintain scalability and remain competitive. What does it mean?

In a nutshell, large enterprises and young startups outsource their products to offshore development centres. The ability to outsource your projects to an offshore team puts you in control of everything while other professionals take care of the rest of the hard work.

It turns out that you use technology at a level that allows you to constantly scale your business.

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Why is the Offshore Dedicated Team right for your company?

Today, every organization can benefit from offshore software development. But there are some situations where one company may need offshore software development more than another. These factors include:


  1. Failure to use new technologies**

If your company is not connected to technology, you will lack the resources to scale in the digital age. In this case, you can use the services of an offshore development centre to help transform your business.

Such a team will ease specific technical responsibilities, such as maintaining hardware resources or ensuring that all operations run smoothly.

2. Lack of knowledge in software development

You can hire experts to ensure your company website and social media pages are correctly optimized and filled with the necessary content.

In addition, the offshore development team will bring fresh ideas, the necessary tools for creating a digital presence, and much more. Even if an organization already has an internal team, it may lack the experience to win larger contracts. Therefore, an offshore software development company will help expand the possibilities.

3. Need for cost optimization

Cost optimization is one of the key points to finding an offshore partner. Experienced professionals in your area can be expensive or hard to find.

Our techflower team can provide services and assistance in finding the right developers. With our access to a global talent pool, we can help you hire a full-time team and provide ongoing support.

4. No time to design and develop internal projects

Outsourcing development to an offshore team can speed up development time.

In this case, you will get a reduction in time to market, which is a crucial point if you want to get ahead of the competition. It is essential to have experts who will help you create profitable strategies based on reliable hardware and secure software.

5. The need to remain flexible

Companies that outsource software development often work on a contract basis. This allows them to remain flexible and focus on one project at a time. In other words, there is no need to hire permanent staff.

There are many benefits to letting an offshore development team take over some of your tasks.

Advantages of hiring a dedicated offshore team:

High Skills

Outsourcing companies give you access to many experienced professionals from all over the world. This access will help expand your capabilities and save you from wasting time hiring or retraining employees.


When you hire a team offshore, you have more opportunities to create projects and respond faster to any changes. In addition, by using such specialists, you can complete other essential tasks more quickly.

Delivery control

You will have complete control over the project. There will be no third parties between you and your team members, and your team expansion partner will not incur additional management costs.

More Focus

Your offshore specialists will be entirely focused on your project. The development process is more transparent, and engineers will be available for new orders.

Favourable budget

The documents you sign with dedicated developers will define all the conditions for product development, participation, results, delivery times, cost, etc.

How to properly organize a development team?

Outsourcing companies structure teams to meet customer needs. What should be the optimal team composition? The correct team composition is the one that allows you to successfully implement client project projects within the budget and deadlines.

There are command structure definitions:

  • Universal commands. Developers have a wide range of knowledge and perform end-to-end project development.
  • Teams with deep experience. Specialists are focused on projects that require specific technical expertise and skills.
  • Hybrid teams include the previous two types.

Your team may consist of front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack engineers, mobile specialists, data experts, DevOps developers, designers, business analysts, and others. If you want to increase your development resources, you’re better off with a one-size-fits-all model. At the same time, for more global changes, you’re better off with a team of specialists that can implement the latest technological innovations.

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How to choose the right software vendor?

Similar experience in project implementation

Working with vendors with experience in your field can help improve your development process with better practices and approaches and bring the right strategy to achieve successful results.

Developer experience and interview

When you receive a list of the people you need, check their technical qualifications, including education, skillset, and experience in similar projects and areas.

Project requirements

Don’t forget about the project’s scope: profiles of IT professionals, their functions, requirements, and goals that you want to achieve. What’s more, you can discuss the workflow with your supplier. This company can advise you on what you need to create an effective offshore IT centre based on their experience. Understanding your expectations will help the provider find the right people faster.


Appropriate technical certifications and industry awards are another sign that the organization is experienced enough to handle your product development.


As you can see, offshore development centres can be the right way to grow and scale a company. This will help you save money and provide skilled workers who know best to work with each other.