How to Help New Team Members Get Along With Your Team

May 15 20214 min read

Being a new person at work can be challenging - both for new hires and for the entire team they join. Moreover, you may immediately have doubts about work and new colleagues.

At the same time, a well-tuned team may worry about how new employees will change the team’s dynamics. Will they be on the same wave?

Changing jobs is always stressful. Based on data from CareerBuilder, in 2016, more than one in five employees intended to leave their current positions.

How can you help new hires make this transition as easy as possible for everyone and keep your business dynamic? Let’s take a look at our tips.

How to get along with new colleagues

Regardless of what type of work you have, you can reap the great benefits of connecting with coworkers.

“New Friends”

You don’t have to be friends with all your coworkers, but you need to respect each other. The primary way to do this is to avoid abusive behavior. Try to be calm and friendly with other people.

Ask questions

Let the new person ask questions. If they are unsure of their responsibilities or do not understand some of your tasks, let them ask you what exactly they should be doing. By clarifying this, they can avoid future problems. Just make sure new employees are doing their job right.

Support new workers in your company

Meetings and greetings

You as a manager should also take the time to introduce the new employee to the team and people from other parts of the organization. Some companies find it suitable to have short meetings with people from different departments. This is a great way to introduce new additions to the team and help train new employees on the organization’s inner workings.

Business Etiquette

Good manners are essential at work, just as important. Remember this when you are around colleagues and subordinates.

What’s more, remember to follow etiquette when communicating with coworkers and coworkers via email. Always say “please” and try to respond more politely to everyone, especially if you have several new employees who are not yet used to the new environment.

Find a way to get along with everyone, even tricky people

The expression “you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family” should be expanded to include colleagues as well. You cannot choose them either. Some of them can be pretty tricky people.

No matter how annoying they can be, please find a way to get along with everyone, be it gossip, delegate, or introvert. As a manager, this will significantly help make life easier at work and in interactions with employees.

Welcome to the team

It is essential to help new hires understand the corporate culture. Take the time to review your company’s mission and values. What does your business believe in? How is culture cultivated in the day-to-day workplace? Taking the time to explain the culture and how each employee plays a vital role in the organization’s success can go a long way in fostering a sense of belonging.

New team members

Too many things

Sometimes new hires can be overzealous and eager to prove themselves as quickly as possible. It can backfire. Your main task here is to react to this behavior in advance. Remember that this behavior can be triggered by stress at a new job. If new hires question how something is done, you can explain that there are tried and true ways to do something, and that is how it is done here. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand that it will take them time to feel comfortable.


As you can see, having an effective team is critical to productivity. If you want your new staff to value you, and vice versa, try to follow these steps, and you can build confidence in your colleagues that you are committed to the team. Or contact our professional team to get more information.